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Donna Allen

Mrs. Donna Allen

Religious Studies Department

Erin Bare

Mrs. Erin Bare

Annual Giving Manager

George Battistel

Dr. George Battistel

Chief Financial Officer

Rivka Bent

Mrs. Rivka Bent

Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Sarah Blackbourn

Mrs. Sarah Blackbourn

Executive Assistant for Athletics | Coach

Melinda Blade

Dr. Melinda Blade

Director of Mission Integration and Historian

Sally Boettger

Ms. Sally Boettger

Physical Education Department Chair

Chris Boyer

Mr. Chris Boyer

Director of Technology

Krystle Cabrera

Ms. Krystle Cabrera

English Department | Head Varsity Volleyball Coach

Angela Cascarano

Ms. Angela Cascarano

Yearbook Moderator/Visual & Performing Arts

Marlena Conroy

Mrs. Marlena Conroy

Assistant Principal, Director of Campus Life

James Cooney

Mr. James Cooney

Mathematics & Economics Instructor

Krystine Cuaresma

Ms. Krystine Cuaresma

English & Health Departments

Molly Cunningham

Ms. Molly Cunningham

Mathematics Department

Emily Devereaux

Mrs. Emily Devereaux

Social Studies Department

Angela Gascho

Mrs. Angela Gascho

English Department Chair

Katherine Gibbs

Mrs. Katherine Gibbs

Religious Studies Department

Aaron Gonzalez

Mr. Aaron Gonzalez

Assistant Principal for Athletics

Jeanette Handelsman

Mrs. Jeanette Handelsman

Alumnae Relations Coordinator

Shawn Hanley

Mrs. Shawn Hanley

Social Studies Department

Mary Harris

Mrs. Mary Harris

Assistant Controller

Teri Heard

Mrs. Teri Heard

Assistant Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Rigoberta Hinkledire

Mrs. Rigoberta Hinkledire

Physical Education/Health Department

Jessica Hooper

Mrs. Jessica Hooper

Assistant Head of School

Erica Huebner

Mrs. Erica Huebner

Admissions Coordinator

Stephanie Kanaski

Ms. Stephanie Kanaski

Associate Director, Annual Giving

Alma Kim-Carranza

Mrs. Alma Kim-Carranza

World Languages Department Chair

Christopher King

Mr. Christopher King

Religious Studies Department

Jeff Kirschbaum

Mr. Jeff Kirschbaum

Religious Studies Department Chair | Head Varsity Golf Coach

Suzie Knapp

Ms. Suzie Knapp

Religious Studies Department

Eileen Lazar

Mrs. Eileen Lazar

Mathematics Department

Samantha League

Ms. Samantha League

Communications Coordinator

Diane Lehman

Mrs. Diane Lehman

Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair

Ryan Martin-Spencer

Mr. Ryan Martin-Spencer

Religious Studies & Economics Instructor | Liturgical Coordinator

Carole Meilich

Ms. Carole Meilich

World Languages Department

Carey Miller

Coach Carey Miller

Campus Supervisor | Head Varsity Basketball Coach

Gilberto Moreno

Mr. Gilberto Moreno

World Languages Department | PTV Moderator

Shannon Morrison

Mrs. Shannon Morrison

Donor Relations Manager

Ilene Nagem

Ms. Ilene Nagem

Social Studies Department

Tamara Paige

Ms. Tamara Paige

Visual & Performing Arts Department

Tim Paluso

Mr. Tim Paluso

Mathematics Department | Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach

Emily Pippin

Mrs. Emily Pippin

Director of Communications & Marketing

Colleen Prantil

Mrs. Colleen Prantil

Front Office Receptionist

Nicole Rayner

Mrs. Nicole Rayner

World Languages Department

Laura Rodriguez

Ms. Laura Rodriguez

English Department | Assistant Cheer Coach

Brigid Rodriguez

Ms. Brigid Rodriguez

World Languages Department

Alexis Rodriguez

Mrs. Alexis Rodriguez

Associate Director, Major Gifts

Toni Russo

Mrs. Toni Russo

Director of Facilities

Cynthia Sanborn

Ms. Cynthia Sanborn

Facilities Coordinator

Kerry Stanko

Ms. Kerry Stanko

Mathematics Department | Assistant Swim Coach

Michael Stringer

Mr. Michael Stringer

Visual & Performing Arts Department

Justin Tracy

Mr. Justin Tracy

Visual & Performing Arts Department | Drama Director

Jill Valdez

Mrs. Jill Valdez

Accounts Payable & Payroll Coordinator

Sabrina Vasconcelos

Mrs. Sabrina Vasconcelos

World Languages Department

Carter White

Mr. Carter White

Campus Ministry Support

Margaret Wiedower

Ms. Margaret Wiedower

Science Department Chair

Kristin Wiggins

Mrs. Kristin Wiggins

Director of Institutional Advancement

Carolyn Williams

Ms. Carolyn Williams

Social Studies Department

Katie Wilson

Mrs. Katie Wilson

Director of Service Learning and Retreats

Jackson Wyatt

Mr. Jackson Wyatt

World Languages Department