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English Department

English Department

OLP English courses allow students to develop a better understanding of the world beyond the classroom through authentic reading experiences that cultivate an empathic perspective.

Through careful selection of texts, we ask students to read widely and deeply from many cultures and genres. Our focus on writing as a craft teaches students to write with precision while cultivating the power of their own unique voices. We have students write in many modes but always with attention to their audience and purpose. As a result, in every piece that they write, we encourage students to hone their voices through copious revision and sharing of their work. 

Honors distinction can be earned at the freshman and sophomore level, and we offer two A.P. classes to upper division students. A.P. Language and Composition focuses on analysis and argumentation, while A.P. Literature is grounded in literary analysis and an exploration of the human condition. Both of these classes provide a college-level English experience to prepare our students for the rigor of college coursework. Seniors have the option of choosing from our broad range of semester-long classes.

Course Offerings:

  • English I 
  • English I Honors
  • World Literature
  • World Literature Honors
  • Speech and Debate
  • Speech and Debate Honors II
  • American Literature
  • American Literature Honors
  • British Literature
  • Dystopian Literature
  • Examining the Holocaust Through Literature
  • Literature and Film
  • Writing in Literature I (alternate years)
  • Writing in Literature II (alternate years)
  • Women’s Literature Seminar
  • AP Language and Composition
  • AP Literature and Composition