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The Counseling Department serves OLP students by providing college, academic and personal support on an individual and group basis. All five counselors are available throughout the school day, offering assistance to students, their families and their teachers. It is our mission to serve each one of our student’s academic, personal, and college needs.

Jacquie Wilson
Grades 9-12
Student Last 
Names A - D 

Jill Hicke
Grades 9-12
Student Last 
Names E - K 

Anita Heveron
Grades 9-12
Student Last 
Names L - P 

Elsi Hildebrand
Grades 9-12
Student Last 
Names Q - Z 

Arielle Lugn
Grades 9 - 12
Sisters and

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Your daughter will participate in a variety of grade appropriate workshops during her four years at OLP. These workshops are designed to prepare her for the college planning and application processes.

Students and families will partner with their assigned Counselor throughout their 4 years at OLP, focusing on academic interests, exploring passions and talents, planning for graduation requirements (four-year plan) and exploring college and career options.

  • Four-Year Plan - Every freshman meets with their counselor at the beginning of the year to develop a four-year academic plan.
  • Study Skills Workshops - Study Skills workshops are led by the OLP Counseling Department monthly to help students develop healthy study habits, learn new strategies for organization and learning, in order to help support them academically. Mid-semester and end-of-semester workshops specifically focus on preparing students for assessments and in developing individualized study plans.
  • Tutoring - Tutoring services are available to students in a variety of options. Peer tutoring is available. Students can be tutored by teachers or outside professionals through Private/Online Tutoring services. 
  • Sisters & Scholars - Students with documented learning differences can apply for our Sisters & Scholars Program, which allows accommodations that are tailored to each student. For more information, contact counselor Arielle Lugn at [email protected].

Starting in 9th grade, students will explore their interests and begin to align their passions with their future goals. In 9th and 10th grade, students participate in class meetings, 1-1 advising sessions, and access tools such a SCOIR to broadly explore a future pathway.

In Junior year, students and families will engage with the Counseling Department 1-1 to create a plan for researching schools that are the right fit and meet the individual student's passions and goals. The plan includes a detailed checklist that allows the counselor to walk alongside the student and family throughout the process of inquiry, application and acceptance.

College Planning WorkshopsSpecial Programs
  • Grade Level College Workshops
  • Interest Exploration
  • Personality & Career Assessment
  • Selective College Admission
  • Recruited Athlete Workshops / NCAA 
  • Advice Panels
  • College Visits (55+ on campus visits)
  • College Values
  • College Camp
  • Admissions Case Study
  • College Fairs
  • College Advice Panel
  • Transitions Beyond High School Workshop
  • Senior Challenges & Transition Workshop
  • Alumnae Panel
  • Stress Management Workshop
  • Career Symposium
College Application PreparationFinancial Aid
  • College Essay Writing
  • UC/Cal State Application Workshop
  • Common Application Workshop 
  • Community College Planning
  • Resume Writing
  • Letter of Recommendation Workshop
  • Parent Financial Aid Night
  • Scholarship Workshops


  • SAT Preparation (through the Princeton Review)
  • Pre ACT Test (optional)
  • Proctored Exams: PSAT, PreACT, AP

OLP leverages a robust student, parent and college network called SCOIR. Scoir connects all OLP students directly with the college application process, streamlining their access, improving student outcomes by connecting students, parents and colleges for an overall better admissions experience.

Current students and parents can access their SCOIR account through the SCOIR link below. 

The Counseling Department recognizes the importance of the a student wellness and has the following events, programs and clubs to promote student's social emotional development.

The Counseling Department is a safe space for all students. Students are welcome to schedule appointments and visit their counselors as needed throughout the school day. The Zen Den provides a place for a students to take a break and center themselves.

  • Individual Check Ins
  • Advisory
  • Win at Social - The Social Institute
  • Grade Level Class Meetings
  • Student Organized Clubs
  • Events including Suicide Prevention week (training for staff, parents and students), World Mental Health Day, Paws and Relax (animal ambassadors during finals week)

San Diego Community Resources

For a more detailed list of mental health community supports including clinical psychologists and counseling, please reach out to your assigned counselor.

National Resources

These resources are available to students round-the-clock, providing immediate support to those in need.

Class of 2025! Register for College Camp on July 31- August 2nd from 8:00am - 2:00pm. 

The three day camp will include guest speakers from regional colleges sharing guidance and tips on essay writing, insights from college admissions, engaging admissions case studies, guided research activities to identify a student's “right fit,” UC/CSU/Common App application assistance, and real-time essay writing and feedback. 

The OLP Counseling Department will also provide a Summer checklist for college research and preparing for applications in the Fall!


Jacqueline Wilson
Counselor, Grades 9-12, Student Last Names A - D
Jill Hicke
Anita Heveron
Arielle Lugn
Counseling Department Chair
Elsi Hildebrand

Emotional Support Resources for Children, Youth, and Parents

In partnership with Gov. Newsom, Parents Anonymous® Inc. recently launched the California Parent & Youth Helpline and Online Parents Anonymous® Support Groups in response to COVID-19 to provide free trauma-informed, evidenced-based emotional support to parents, children, and youth in any language via calls, text, live chat, and email.  Parent support groups are held in English and Spanish.

More Behavioral Health links for teens and families