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World Languages

World Languages Department

The World Languages department builds students' competence and confidence so they can communicate effectively across cultures and languages.

Our French, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) classes engage students in meaningful activities that foster speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Students also develop cultural empathy and awareness through exploring the traditions and values of their chosen language. Our goal is to empower students with the skills and confidence to engage in spontaneous, fluid conversations in their chosen language about issues that matter, including current events or aspects of contemporary culture in a country where the language is spoken.

For incoming students, World Language placement is determined by the student's proficiency in the language upon entry. All students are required to have 20 units in the same language for graduation. 

Course Offerings: 

  • ASL 1
  • ASL 2
  • ASL 3 Honors
  • ASL 4 Honors
  • French 1
  • French 2
  • French 3 Honors
  • AP French Language and Culture
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3 
  • Spanish 3 Honors
  • Spanish 3 for Native Speakers Hrs. 
  • Spanish 4
  • AP Spanish Language
  • AP Spanish Literature