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The philosophy of the Department of Athletics, as espoused by the Athletics Director and the entire coaching staff, is to foster mutual respect among participants, instill a commitment to excellence within each athlete and to promote team unity, cooperation and self-discipline. Further, individual athletes are encouraged to become the finest athlete possible, learning life-long team-building skills and how to discern the appropriate value of sports.

OLP remains at the forefront of athletic recognition with annually over 500 student athletes across 20 competitive CIF interscholastic athletic programs, alongside 4 Club Sports teams, with scaled levels of participation within each sport. 

  1. Fall : Cross Country | Flag Football | Golf | Tennis | Volleyball
  2. Winter: Basketball | Soccer | Water Polo
  3. Spring: Lacrosse | Beach Volleyball | Softball | Swimming & Diving | Track & Field
  4. Year-Round and Off-Season: Archery | Cheer | Surf | Dance | ESports

If you are planning to try out for a sport, you will need to complete the online Athletic Clearance Registration. You will need to upload a new physical, dated June 1, 2023 and newer.

  • If you have already turned in a current physical (dated after June 1, 2023), there is no need to upload it again.
  • Once your account has been reviewed, you will receive an email from the Athletics Department that you are cleared to tryout. Please print that message and bring it to your coach on the first day of tryouts. Tryout information will be posted once we have additional information.

As a reminder, you will still need to upload both sides of your physical and complete this process each time you try out for a different OLP sport.

2023-2024 Athletic Physical Form

Questions? Email [email protected].

Spring Sports Tryout Dates:

Beach Volleyball:

February 12 - 14 (3:30-5:30pm) South Mission Beach at Coronado Court

February 21 - 22  (3:30-5:30pm) Gage Elementary


February 12 - 13 (3:30-5:30pm) Hickman Field

Swim & Dive:

February 13 - 15 (Time and Location TBD)

Track & Field:

February 5 - 9 (3-5pm) Saints High School



The uniform store carries OLP letterman jackets and has our colors on file. If you are missing any letters or patches, please email [email protected]

The Uniform Store

8160 La Mesa Blvd
La Mesa, Ca 91942


2023-2024 Athletic Physical Form

Click here for Summer 2023 Athletic Camps


Cross Country HeadTwantonette Wesley-Smith[email protected]
Flag Football HeadMaurice Douglas[email protected]
Flag Football AsstRolan Reyes[email protected]
Golf Varsity HeadTim Paluso[email protected]
Golf JV HeadEric Martinez[email protected]
Tennis Varsity HeadDaniel Manlongat[email protected]
Tennis Varsity AsstJordan Adams[email protected]
Tennis JVBeatriz Gillespie[email protected]
Tennis JV AsstLinda Milburn[email protected]
Volleyball VarsityNick Pabarcus[email protected]
Volleyball Varsity AsstMary-Kate Catton[email protected]
Volleyball Varsity AsstJames Hammerstrand[email protected]
Volleyball JVKristen Busch[email protected]
Volleyball FroshOlivia Antoine[email protected]
Basketball JVJoseph Kennedy[email protected]
Basketball JV AsstMaurice Douglas[email protected]
Basketball Varsity HeadKristen Busch[email protected]
Basketball Varsity AsstAllena Wolfblack[email protected] 
Soccer Novice HeadJenna Chandler[email protected]
Soccer JV HeadJesus De Santiago[email protected] 
Soccer JV Asst  
Soccer Varsity HeadTim Paluso[email protected]
Soccer Varsity Asst  
Water Polo Varsity HeadHarrison Trubitt[email protected]


Sport CoachEmail
Track & Field Head Coach Maurice Douglas[email protected]
Track & Field Asst. Coach Kirsten Jackson[email protected]
Track & Field Asst. Coach Rolan Reyes[email protected]
Track & Field Asst. Coach Twantonette Wesley-Smith[email protected]
Swim & Dive Head Coach Harrison Trubitt[email protected]
Swim & Dive Asst. Coach Ella Brazil 
Softball Varsity Head Jim Davis[email protected]
Softball JV Head Danielle Coronado[email protected]
Lacrosse Varsity Head Allena Wolfblack[email protected] 
Lacrosse Varsity Asst   
Beach Volleyball Head Coach  Jeremy Schneider[email protected]
Beach Volleyball Asst. Coach Breeze Hafenstein[email protected]
SurfJulia Mekrut[email protected]
EsportsElsi Hildebrand[email protected]
DanceKelly Culver[email protected]
Cheer VarsityCasey Popp[email protected]
Cheer JVEric Claxton[email protected]
ArcheryEdward Lucero[email protected]