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Interdisciplinary Departments

Interdisciplinary Departments

STEM Department
VAPA Department

OLP is committed to providing students with hands-on learning experiences that translate academic learnings into real-world examples. As such, our interdisciplinary courses have continued to expand. 

In addition to our STEM Department and VAPA Department, OLP also offers courses that span cross-curricular departments. These courses are often taught by teachers in a variety of different disciplines, providing students the opportunity to see how their learning can be applied to real-world scenarios. Faculty mentors will change dependent upon the courses, sections and offerings.  

Interdisciplinary Course Offerings:

  • AP Seminar
  • AP Research
  • Leadership
  • MarComm Internship
  • VAPA Practicum
DanceDramaMusicVisual Arts
Introduction to Dance
Dance I and II
Dance III and IV
Advanced Dance Honors
Drama I/II
Drama III/IV
Drama V/VI
Technical Theatre I/II
Concert Choir I/II
Advanced Choral Ensemble
Instrumental Ensemble
Advanced Instrumental Ensemble
Music Theory
AP Music Theory
Video Production I/II
Video Production III/IV
Advanced Video Production
Digital Storytelling
Digital Photography I/II
Multimedia Design
Art I/II
Painting I/II
Handbuilding Ceramics I/II
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
AP Studio Art: 3-D Design
AP Studio Art: Drawing


  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Computer Science A
  • Intro to Biotechnology

STEM Certificate

There still persists today a disparity of women in the STEM fields. OLP is committed to providing our students opportunities to explore their passion in STEM, connect with their purpose for pursuing this fiend of study, and develop skills to persist. For those students interested in demonstrating a focused interest in the STEM disciplines, and receiving an additional designation on their diploma, they must meet all of the following requirements listed below. 

  • Maintain 3.0 overall GPA each semester (weighted cumulative)
  • Adherence to all policies outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook
  • Complete the minimum units in each of the following categories
    • Math: 40 units*
    • Science/STEM: 40 units
    • Students may also meet the 40 unit requirement by passing OLP’s Calculus B/C course or an equivalent college-level course or by earning a 3 or higher on the AP Calculus B/C examination.
  • Extracurriculars: Students must earn a minimum of 125 points to meet the extracurricular requirement by participating in any combination of the following listed below. Students must provide proof of attendance in the form of a ticket stub/receipt. In addition to a short summary of the event attended and what was learned.
    • Internship = 30 points per internship
    • STEM Online Certificate = 20 points
    • OLP STEM Certificate Event (on campus) = 15 points per attendance
    • STEM Club = 15 points per year of participation
    • STEM Event (off-campus) = 10 points
  • Advisory Panel. Students will be required to present their portfolio to a STEM Advisory Panel at the completion of their senior year.