2019-20 Textbooks
Welcome to the 2019-2020 OLP Textbook page.

A full list of required textbooks for the 2019-2020 school year is available here. 

Students are able to purchase their books through any textbook provider desired. OLP has partnered with a company called Edtech to support you in purchasing your books. Edtech books may cost more than in other locations. The value of purchasing books through Edtech is having all of your books in a virtual “bookshelf.”
However, there are many ways to purchase your books and we encourage families to be savvy shoppers by reviewing prices from different providers prior to purchasing. For example, many of our students choose to buy their books via Amazon.
A few notes will help to make your textbook experience easier:
  1. Please verify that ISBN numbers match EXACTLY to ensure that the students are purchasing the correct editions. This is especially important when purchasing English texts as different versions of the same text may not be usable.
  2. Ebooks cannot be returned once activated. Please wait to purchase the ebook until necessary for your class.
  3. If using Edtech, please click on the instructions link below for detailed information about purchasing your books. Note: All Edtech purchases should be made with your school-issued email address.

Additional Resources: