Spring Sing

Spring Sing 2017: Landmarks


The long-running tradition of Spring Sing—a musical production exclusively run by students—is a yearly highlight, and often draws the participation of over 100 girls from each class. | Artwork by Marcela Diaz '17

2016 Spring Sing: Streets! Awards

Overall Winners of Spring Sing 2016: Junior Class of 2017
Overall Best of Show: Juniors "Beach Mashup"

Best Props: Juniors
Best Script: Seniors
Best Costume Design: Juniors
Best Acting: Seniors
Best Chorus: Juniors and Seniors
Best Dancing: Frosh
Best Singing: Seniors
Best Theme: Sophomores

Best of Show for Frosh: "Cups"
Best of Show for Sophomores: "One"
Best of Show for Juniors: "Beach Mashup"
Best of Show for Seniors: "We Belong"


A Note from the Alum that started it all ...

Spring Sing grew from the inspiration of our Principal, Sister Mary Sheila, who invited the ASB Officers to incorporate a brand new Student Council Activity into our event calendar, in the summer of 1970. When the four Executive Officers met with Sister, we learned of her hope to bring groups of students together with faculty for a fun and entertaining night of music and dance – along with a little bit of friendly competition too! The privilege of working together with our Spring Sing Faculty Moderator is one of my fondest and most endearing memories of that inaugural Spring Sing experience. Ms. Debe Bottoms’ expertise, humor, and kindness inspired us all as she carefully guided us through all the initial planning ~ and as she patiently and constantly tried to calm our nerves!

OLP’s first attempt at a Spring Sing production resulted in a fun and joyful, although rather humble event, when compared to today’s performances! Sparked by the enthusiasm of Senior Director Kathy Aramendia, a small but intrepid group of students came together, for a “one evening only” performance in the Academy’s auditorium. Spring Sing excitement had begun!

Clearly, we in the early 70’s, had no idea that the brand new Student Council activity would continue on throughout these past nearly 40 years, as an annual tradition. Countless memories have been created and friendships formed forever, through the participation of literally thousands of students along with the generous involvement of their faculty moderators in AOLP’s annual Spring Sing celebration.

Catherine (Conway) Barrack, Class of 1971

Memories from the first Spring Sing Faculty Moderator...

The Balboa Theater is certainly a long way from OLP’s first Spring Sing on a Friday night in 1971. Who knew that evening in the old auditorium would launch a tradition that is going strong nearly 40 years later!

While the sound system in those early years consisted of a microphone and the “special effects” were created by a spotlight on loan from Saints, the students organized and produced a spirited and engaging musical performance that the audience absolutely loved.

Everyone knew that Spring Sing was a hit when the “SRO” crowd gave Kathy Aramendia, our talented Student Director, and the cast an enthusiastic standing ovation. The following Monday, the Academy’s office was flooded with phone calls asking about “next year’s show” and requesting that OLP stage Spring Sing for two nights – not just one. And, so the tradition began ...

Deborah (Bottoms) Lefevre, Spring Sing Faculty Moderator 1971-1972