Block Schedule

A full course load for an OLP student consists of six classes. Since OLP utilizes block scheduling, students have three 80-minute classes each day. The schedule alternates daily, in the order of: ABC, DEF, ACB, DFE. New this year (2017-18) is the addition of G Block, which meets Mondays through Thursdays for 65 minutes in between second block and lunch. G Block gives students the chance to add an additional course to their schedule during normal school hours. Students who don't sign up for a G Block course receive Quiet Study Hall.

Zero Block gives students another opportunity to take an additional course. Zero Block meets Mondays through Thursdays from 6:45-7:35 am (before normal school hours). This early morning block requires a firm commitment, but gives students the option to take an additional course and Quiet Study Hall. 

Every Friday is an early dismissal day with no Zero Block, G Block or lunch period. 

*Read about changes to this year's schedule in depth in our 2017-18 Course Guide.


Zero Block:6:45-7:35 am
Announcements:7:45-7:55 am
First Block:7:55-9:15 am
Break:9:15-9:30 am
Second Block:9:35-10:55 am
G Block/Study Hall:11:00-12:05 pm
Lunch:12:05-12:45 pm
Third Block:12:55-2:15 pm
Dismissal:2:15 pm


No Zero Block
Announcements/PTV:7:45-8:05 am
First Block:8:05-9:25 am
Break:9:25-9:40 am
Second Block:9:45-11:05 am
Break:11:05-11:20 am
Third Block:11:25-12:45 pm
Dismissal:12:45 pm

Friday Pep Rally Schedule

No Zero Block 
First Block:7:45-9:05 am
Break:9:05-9:15 am
Second Block:9:20-10:40 am
Pep Rally:10:40-11:20 am
Third Block:11:25-12:45 pm
Dismissal:12:45 pm