Mrs. Inez Odom

Director of Enrollment Management, Outreach, and Innovation

Education & Credentials:

  • BS, Business Administration, University of New Hampshire
  • MA, Communication, Stanford University


In life, we are either participants or observers. Mrs. Odom has chosen to participate.  When she wonders if she will have the time, strength, energy, follow through, initiative, will, spirit or ability to continue, she calls upon her recognition that everything that has ever been done has been done by people like her. She is no different than any other person who has tried to make a difference. Rather than worrying about failing, she is choosing to delight in the possibility of success.

Engaging with people, learning about their interests and helping them to realize their goals is a skill that she has cultivated and developed over time. She has had the privilege and responsibility of enrolling students who, through education, have become leaders in the world.

As the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Innovation at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, she looks forward to being an architect of, and a contributor to, a culture of intellectual engagement, spiritual growth and social responsibility.

Proverbs 3:5