Coaches (38)

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Samantha Barlow

Ms. Samantha Barlow

Head JV Water Polo Coach

Erik Berndes

Mr. Erik Berndes

Head JV Softball Coach

Paris Blevins

Mr. Paris Blevins

Assistant Varsity Softball Coach

Dan Boyle

Mr. Dan Boyle

Assistant Cross Country Coach

Krystle Cabrera

Ms. Krystle Cabrera

English Department | Head Varsity Volleyball Coach

Eric Claxton

Coach Eric Claxton

Assistant Cheer Coach

Chuy Davila

Mr. Chuy Davila

Head Varsity Water Polo Coach | Assistant Swim & Dive Coach

Madeline Downing

Ms. Madeline Downing

Assistant JV Volleyball Coach

Aaron Gonzalez

Mr. Aaron Gonzalez

Assistant Principal for Athletics

Kirsten Jackson

Mrs. Kirsten Jackson

Assistant Track & Field Coach

Joseph Kennedy

Mr. Joseph Kennedy

Head Novice Basketball Coach

Jeff Kirschbaum

Mr. Jeff Kirschbaum

Religious Studies Department Chair | Head Varsity Golf Coach

John Kitchingham

Mr. John Kitchingham

Junior Varsity Golf Head Coach & Varsity Golf Assistant Coach

Bree McMillan

Coach Bree McMillan

Head Junior Varsity Softball Coach

Mia Morales

Ms. Mia Morales

Varsity Assistant Volleyball Coach

Maria Morgan

Ms. Maria Morgan

Assistant Varsity Tennis Coach

Stephanie Murtha

Ms. Stephanie Murtha

Assistant Varsity Lacrosse Coach

Danielle Nederend

Ms. Danielle Nederend

Head Freshman Volleyball Coach

Tim Paluso

Mr. Tim Paluso

Mathematics Department | Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach

Meghan Penolio

Ms. Meghan Penolio

Head JV Volleyball Coach | Assistant Sand Volleyball Coach

Kelsey Phillips

Mrs. Kelsey Phillips

Head JV Lacrosse Coach

Rolan Reyes

Mr. Rolan Reyes

Assistant Track & Field Coach

Augustine Serrano

Mr. Augustine Serrano

Head Varsity Lacrosse Coach | Head JV Tennis Coach

Kevin Soares

Mr. Kevin Soares

Head Varsity Soccer Coach

Kerry Stanko

Ms. Kerry Stanko

Mathematics Department | Assistant Swim Coach

Valerie Thorpe

Mrs. Valerie Thorpe

Head Cross Country Coach | Assistant Track & Field Coach

Bob Weber

Mr. Bob Weber

Assistant Track & Field Coach

Carolyn Williams

Ms. Carolyn Williams

Social Studies Department | Head JV Soccer Coach

Katie Wilson

Mrs. Katie Wilson

Director of Service Learning and Retreats | Head JV Lacrosse Coach

Samantha Witczak

Ms. Samantha Witczak

Assistant JV Soccer Coach