9th Grade Applicant

Thank you for your interest in the Academy of Our Lady of Peace! The application process is now complete for the 18-19 school year. If you have extenuating circumstances such as a relocation to San Diego, please contact the Admissions Office at 629-725-9175 for more information. 

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Application Process

The following timeline will guide you in the application process for Academy of Our Lady of Peace.

October – December: Campus Visits & Open House

Every year in October, OLP hosts our annual 8th Grade Visitation Days. These two days are coordinated with Catholic and other private elementary and middle schools. If your daughter does not attend one of these schools and would like to attend, please email admissions@aolp.org for more information.

Student Shadow Days are limited to current 8th graders for students in high school looking to transfer to OLP (with the exception of our Sister Shadow Day limited to sisters of currently enrolled students). These dates are scheduled for six Fridays in October-December.

Parent Breakfast Tours are for prospective parents whose daughter is in the 8th grade or is looking to transfer to OLP. There are three available Friday mornings in the fall. 

For all the Student Shadow and Parent Breakfast Tour Dates, please click here for our Visit OLP page. 

Open House is scheduled for Sunday, November 5, 2017 from 1:00-4:00pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for all ages and grade levels to get a peek at everything OLP has to offer. More information can be found here

October-January – Enrollment Application and Tuition Assistance Application

For the 2018-19 school year, we will begin to accept Enrollment Applications, along with the $55 application fee, on September 15, 2017. We encourage you to submit the Enrollment Application online, no later than January 15, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: The enrollment application and fee will register your daughter for the HSPT Entrance Exam on Saturday, January 20, 2018.

Applications for Tuition Assistance are also due January 15, 2018 along with your 2016 tax returns. More information about Tuition and Tuition Assistance can be found by clicking here. Please understand that you will apply for enrollment and tuition assistance at the same time. Do not wait to see if your daughter is admitted first!

 January – Entrance Exam (HSPT)

The Entrance Exam is only for prospective 9th graders. The purpose of the Entrance Exam is to assess the prospective student's 7th and 8th grade knowledge. It is a Diocesan policy that all Catholic High Schools administer the Entrance Exam on the same day, hence students may only test at one school (typically their first choice).

This exam serves several purposes: First, it gives the Admissions Committee another tool to assess our applicants. We have a very holistic process and consider each step of the application process as important, the HSPT is simply one of those steps. Second, it is used a scholarship qualifier. If your daughter scores in the 90th percentile or above on the HSPT at OLP, then she will be invited to apply for one of our merit based scholarships

The exam promptly starts at 8 AM. Please have your daughter arrive by 7:45am with two # 2 pencils, a snack and some water. All students are preassigned to a classroom for the exam, upon check in we will notify you of your exam room and OLP student ambassadors will be on hand to help with finding testing classrooms.

The exam will end at 12:00 PM, please plan on picking up your daughter in front of the school office (located on 4860 Oregon Street, San Diego, CA 92116). 

January - February – Interviews and Placement Exams

All applicants and at least on of their parents will be interviewed by a faculty member or administrator between January 29 - February 3, 2018. Families will be able to schedule their interview appointment online following the application deadline of January 15, 2018. 

All applicants will take a Math and World Language Placement Exam on February 21 or 24, 2018. This is earlier than has been done in the past and the reason for that is the tight deadline we have due to when Easter falls this year.

March – Acceptance Letters & Registration

Admission Decision letters will be mailed on March 9, 2018. Parents will receive a notification via email late Friday afternoon and a mailed letter or packet will be sent early Friday morning for Saturday receipt. 

Upon receiving their daughter's acceptance letter, parents will log back in to our School Admin Checklist where they will be able to view their Tuition Assistance award (if applicable), electronically sign the Tuition Agreement and pay the $450 Registration Fee. The deadline for doing so is March 19, 2018.

Course Registration Days are scheduled for either March 22, 2018 or March 24, 2018.