OLP’s 12 Days of Christmas

As we embark on Advent and look towards the celebration of Christ's birth, it is through the eyes of our beloved Pilots that we find a renewed sense of gratitude this season. They have become the inspiration for OLP’s 12 Days of Christmas. During December, we share the stories of many OLP community members and recount the gifts for which they are most grateful. 

From sisterhood, faith, friends for life, and a chance to serve the dear neighbor, we hope these inspire you to reflect on the gifts for which you are most grateful this season!

The OLP experience of a CSJ education would not be possible without the generous support of people like YOU! As you make your decisions about your year end giving, we humbly request your consideration of a donation to one of these funds:

Dollars donated here help OLP to maintain a safe educational environment by funding critical tools like increased campus cleaning, sanitization supplies, and regular COVID testing.

The endless commitment of OLP employees has made it possible for us to provide dedicated and flexible educational options to all students. In recognition of their sacrifices OLP is increasing the availability of diverse professional development for employees. Gifts directed here tell OLP faculty & staff that their efforts are seen and appreciated.

40% of our students rely on financial aid and scholarships in order to attend OLP. Funded each year by generous graduates and endowed to ensure its perpetuation, the Alumnae Endowed Scholarship awards scholarship dollars to deserving students in need who exemplify the qualities of OLP’s charism.

Read the stories from our 12 Days of Christmas!

"OLP has given me the family I never knew I needed! I always feel at home on campus and free to be myself when I'm surrounded by my sisters."
- Keira Shah '23

"As an OLP employee and the parent of a current student, I'm grateful for the tremendous investment that has been made to keep our students, faculty, and staff healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the Olea temperature stands to the plexiglass shields and extensive daily campus sanitization measures, I feel confident that not only my daughter and I, but all people are safe when on OLP's campus."
- Toni Russo, Director of Facilities

"At OLP, community service is valued and encouraged as a way to strengthen relationships with our neighbors and has led me to have countless positive experiences bettering my community. The service work of OLP Pilots shapes us to be the next generation of leaders as we form positive habits and work tirelessly to make this world a better place."
- Lauren Crane '22

"I have been a dancer my whole life so when OLP gave us the green light to start a dance team my freshman year, I was so excited! Our dance team spends so much time together and we all have this amazing bond with each other since most of us have been together since day one. We are truly there for each other during the ups and the downs."
- Ana Clarissa Ortega '22

"As a Board Member and mom of an alumna, I've witnessed the way OLP encourages young women to grow their gifts and talents, to become involved community members, and to serve as a positive force in the world. An OLP graduate is articulate, well-spoken, ready to navigate new experiences, challenge limits, ask the hard questions, and is confident in her ability to make change."
- Gayle McMahon, OLP Board Member

"As an alumna, I can say with certainty that the confidence, values, and work ethic instilled in me during my time at OLP has and will continue to serve me into my adult life. I felt confident and well prepared during my collegiate career and continue to feel the same way in my professional career. I know that OLP was the catalyst for my success."
- Meghan McMahon '14

"OLP has brought me closer to faith especially through the Liturgical Planning class at our school. Our class works to plan each of the Masses and it makes School Mass feel so much more personal! Being involved brings me closer not only to my sisters, but to God as well!"
- Olivia Greene '21

“The OLP Alumnae Association has helped me rekindle friendships from more than 50 years ago! The bond of sisterhood we found back then is even stronger now.”
- Mary (Happer) Roberts '64

“Being a member of the OLP Alumnae Association has brought me back to the campus for numerous events. It has been a joy to renew friendships and recall happy memories of days gone by! The bonds of friendship from 58 years ago are some of my happiest memories for which I am most grateful!”
- Kathy (Schweizer) Smith '63  

"As an OLP teacher, I am grateful every day for each and every one of my students. Teaching during a pandemic is every bit as challenging as we all imagined it would be, but feeling the love and positivity of the girls (even when it's just through a computer screen) makes all of it worth the effort. These girls keep me smiling and laughing even through the craziness of the world around us, and everything I do is always for them."
- Molly Cunningham

"I am grateful for the opportunity to learn STEM skills throughout my time at OLP.  My experience in my academic classes, STEM clubs, and on the robotics team has given me the chance to develop engineering, leadership, and problem-solving skills that will be useful throughout my life. I never imagined I'd get involved in engineering or STEM so I am grateful to OLP for changing my perspective and inspiring me to dream big."
- Helen Brunton '22

“OLP has given me the opportunity to take on many leadership positions through Carondelet Circle, the Robotics Team, and the Student Lacemakers Council, as well as taught me how to be an effective leader. These opportunities have shaped not only my high school experience but have changed who I am today. I am so grateful for what I have been able to run and organize at OLP and will continue using these skills in the future.”
- Maya McKone Sweet ‘22

"My involvement with Pilot Parents has provided an opportunity to engage with OLP leadership, parents, and students in a way that would have otherwise never been possible. The friendships I have made with other Pilot parents are going to last a lifetime. I feel grateful and blessed that we get to work together to support OLP and our 750 girls. This time is short and being involved with OLP is priceless!"
- Christine LaMarca

"Through my role as costumes director at OLP, I have found a love for the arts and drama. OLP has provided me the ability to grow in my love for costume design and alteration as well as gain great experience. The friendships I have formed with fellow OLP Drama members are irreplaceable, and I could not be more grateful. Merry Christmas, OLP!"
- Maddie Strazzeri '23