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9th Grade Application | Transfer Student Application

The high school application process is an important experience, and although the process may be challenging, it can be enjoyable to see your accomplishments written down. Your previous grades and test scores will play a significant role in your application. If it were not for our high academic standards, and our college-prep curriculum, you would not be applying to OLP. But in addition to your grades, how you present yourself in your self-recommendation and what your principal and teachers say about you are also important.

We know that parents who seek out private Catholic schools tend to be people who want the very best for their children. The Admissions Review Board spends a great deal of time and care in reviewing your application. It is, therefore, the policy of OLP to give admission preference to students whose attendance at a Catholic or religious-sponsored elementary school for six or more years witnesses to her family’s commitment to academic excellence and faith development. We are looking forward to gaining a better understanding of you, your interests, your achievements and your goals. We truly hope OLP provides the right combination of time and commitment for you.