OLP’s Robotics and Engineering Club focuses on the development of 21st century skills, teamwork, problem solving, ideation, project management and communications.

Congrats OLP Robotics Team!

Congratulations to our amazing Robotics Team on winning the Rookie All-Star award at the FIRST Robotics San Diego Regional Competition. The team was the FIRST and ONLY all-girls team at the competition. After this incredible win, the team will compete at the 2018 FIRST World Championship in Houston.

The team won the Matt Grob Innovation Award presented by Qualcomm! This award recognizes one qualifying team from the San Diego region that exemplifies a high level of innovation throughout the competition. Not only did our Pilots receive this distinguished honor, but they also received a $10,000 award to help them travel to and compete at the 2018 FIRST World Championship in Houston!

Thank you to Qualcomm and San Diego FIRST Robotics for this incredible opportunity and support!

About OLP Robotics

OLP uses robotics as a tool to promote student engagement and enhance STEM learning at the school.

OLP offers a Robotics and Engineering Club and the OLP MicroChicks Robotics Team. All students are welcome to join the Club at any time. Since the inception of the Club, professional engineers have been invited to speak during co-curricular. Jointly, the club and team plan to host a variety of engineers to speak next semester and will engage in several mini-engineering projects.

The OLP MicroChicks Robotics Team is a part of the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) organization and is limited to a group of 10 girls selected by an application process at the beginning of the year. Each September, a challenge is announced which signals the beginning of the FTC competition season. Teams across the nation rapidly build and program a robot to perform the tasks put forth in the challenge and get prepared to compete in tournaments. OLP's rookie team received an FTC grant from NDEP (National Defense Education Program) and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) to cover start-up costs for the team. In addition to the grants, women engineers from Naval Air Systems Command mentor the team after school and on Saturdays for building and programming the robot.

Student Testimonials

"Team 6885, The Pilots, holds a very special place in my heart as it has shaped me to be the woman I am today. Through these past years, I have been able to learn leadership and teamwork skills that have helped me excel in multiple aspects of my life. For me, it has open a multitude of doors that I would have never opened myself. Thanks to this team, I am well-versed in coding and Computer-Aided Design(CAD), comfortable with sponsorship grants, know my way around the workshop and have a better understanding of my capabilities as a woman. I believe this team has made an impact on all team members as it has also helped them reach a future with boundless opportunities. I wish every girl can have the chance to be part of this team so they can be inspired to think of themselves as inventors, scientists, and engineers."

- Sofia Rojo-Kratochvil '20

"Robotics has allowed me to grow my passion for STEM and has made me discover my desire to pursue engineering. It has allowed me to gain experience creating something and learning how to use different tools and machines that I never expected to use in high school. It helped me accept failures in life and helped me understand the importance of learning from mistakes. It has helped me become diligent. In this club/team, I was able to work with many of my schoolmates and improve my teamwork skills. It has given me the opportunity to create valuable friendships."

- Allison Moya '20

"Being a part of the OLP Robotics Team has been amazing. I joined the team at the beginning of my freshman year and have been able to develop deeper relationships with some of my sisters at OLP. I have also increased my interest in STEM and grown in my knowledge of computer science and engineering. As a member of the team, I have been able to help encourage and promote women and girls in STEM fields in our world today."

- Mallory Downing '21

"I joined the team as a shy freshman who wanted to dive deeper into the world of engineering after being introduced to it at a young age. While attending many robotics competitions as a girl on an all-girls team, I acknowledged that females in the engineering field aren’t getting all the credit they deserve. I decided to dedicate myself to the team all throughout these three years because the lack of women in these male-dominated fields inspired me to take action where it was needed. On the team, I have learned the fundamentals of robotics and made everlasting friendships. I have also become more outspoken as a person due to the opportunities given to reach out to other robotics teams. The Pilots Robotics Team has definitely changed my life for the better."

- Kaitlin Ordonio 21’

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