Admissions FAQ

Q: Do we apply for Financial Aid (also referred to as Tuition Assistance) before or after applying for admission?

A: If finances are a concern for your family, you will apply for Tuition Assistance and admission to OLP simultaneously. The deadline for both applications is January 15, 2021. You will receive your admissions decision and, assuming your daughter is admitted to OLP, your tuition assistance decision at the same time in March. This will allow you to make the best decision for your family. Please see our Tuition Assistance FAQ’s for more information.

Q: How do we apply for a merit-based scholarship? 

A: In order to be considered for one of OLP's Merit-Based Scholarships, an application for admission must be submitted by December 1, 2020. We encourage you to take your time in completion of the application to ensure everything is accurate and that you have said everything you want to say.

In the past, we have used the 90th percentile on the HSPT as a way to distinguish who is considered for our merit-based scholarships. Without offering or requiring the exam, it gave us the opportunity to be able to consider more applicants for these scholarships. Considering we will have many more students interested in accessing the available scholarships, we will need more time to gather additional information as well as more time for evaluation, hence the need for an earlier deadline. Further details about additional information required for those being considered for merit-based scholarships will be forthcoming.

Each year, approximately 80 students qualify for the merit-based scholarships and we award 18-20 scholarships. More information regarding these scholarships can be found here.

Q: When and how can I register for the HSPT Entrance Exam? 

A: OLP has always been committed to a holistic admission process, with the Admissions Committee considering all aspects of an applicant's file. With that in mind, as COVID-19 continues to impact standardized testing processes, it has become clear that adjustments need to be made to our policy regarding standardized testing this year. For the 2020-2021 admission cycle, OLP will not host the HSPT Entrance Exam nor will we require the scores in the evaluation of the applicants. We are confident that the information we gather in the admission process will provide us with a holistic view of each applicant.

Having said that, we will host and require the HSPT in March (following admission notification) for course placement purposes of all newly enrolled students. Details regarding this process will be forthcoming.

Q: Where can I find the teacher/principal recommendation forms?

A: Once your application for admission has been submitted, you will log back into the Blackbaud Parent Portal using the same login information you used for the application. You will be directed to a checklist with remaining items to complete. These items include the Principal/Head of School, Math Teacher and English Teacher recommendation forms. You will be asked to submit their email addresses for the forms to be sent to them. They will complete these forms electronically and, once submitted, will automatically be checked off on your checklist. Please ensure you have current email addresses for your daughter’s principal/teachers and that you enter them correctly.

Q: How do I request grades from my current school?

A: Once your application for admission has been submitted, you will log back into the Blackbaud Parent Portal using the same login information you used for the application. You will now be directed to a checklist with the remaining items to complete. These items include the Transcript Request Form. You will be asked to download, print and sign this form. Once signed, please take it to your daughter’s CURRENT school (do not send it to OLP). This form gives your current school permission to send your daughter’s transcripts to OLP. They will send us her first semester/trimester of the current school year, last year’s transcript and her most recent standardized test scores.

Q: May we submit letters from our daughter’s coaches, tutors and current teachers who are not math or English and/or previous teachers?

A: Additional recommendation letters are in no way required or encouraged; however, if you feel there is someone who can add depth to your daughter’s application in a way her current teachers cannot, that person may submit a letter to [email protected] or by mail to the attention of the Admissions Office. An example of this would be that this is your daughter’s first year at her current school and you feel like her previous school knows her and your family in a different way.

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