Science Department

AP Physics - Trigonometry Bootcamp


  • Pythagorean Applications
  • Trig Identities
  • Sine and Cosine Applications
  • Radian-Degree Conversions
  • Radian Measure
  • Introduction to vectors via emphasis on Trig principle


AP Physics - Trigonometry Bootcamp

  • All students are asked to complete the Trigonometry Bootcamp through CK12 by August 10th. Students will learn about topics such as: Pythagorean Applications, Trig Identities, Sine and Cosine Applications, Radian-Degree Conversions, Radian Measure and an introduction to vectors via emphasis on Trig principles.
  • To enroll in the Bootcamp please create an account on:
  • Sign up for the CK 12 Trig/Radian Bootcamp
  • Class code: k0m1u
  • Completion date: August 10

AP Biology

  • Read and take notes on the chapters two and three of the textbook.
  • Flinn Prep Assignment
  • Ms. Ma’ake will send students an email July 1st with the access code for Flinn Prep. In this email          she will outline the specific assignment. This assignment is due the first day of class.

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