OLP Internship Program

Course Number: 952

Course Description:
This option provides students with the exciting opportunity to earn credit in a professional, off-site work setting. Students receive 1 credit for every 20 hours of verified, internship work. Students are required to pre-select a business/organization for internship and receive pre-approval from that business/organization. Expectations are to complete and sign required paperwork, provide an approved timesheet by a mentor, and complete the course with a submission of an e-portfolio to the AP of Instruction. Regular communication is necessary with the assigned supervisor, who will be in contact at the start of the semester.

Textbook/Class Resources:

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Open To:
Grades 9-12


Course Type:
Semester; 1 credit per 20 hours

This course fulfills an OLP elective requirement and is not a UC approved course.

A business, organization or person to mentor the student prior to signing up.