AP Chemistry

Course Number: 414/415

Open To:
Grades 10-12

Course Length:
Full Year; 10 Units

UC/CSU Approved: Laboratory Science area “D” requirement.

Course Description:
AP Chemistry is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually taken during the first year of college. The importance of the theoretical aspects of chemistry will be emphasized. Topics will cover the in-depth study of the structure of matter, kinetic theory of gases, chemical equilibrium, chemical kinetics, and the basics of thermodynamics. There will be coverage of descriptive facts linking the factual study with the practical issues of chemistry. Laboratory experiences will be extensive and will require writing, observational and quantitative skill work. Additional out-of-class time, co-curricular and after school time may be required for completion of the lab component. Critical analysis of the set-ups and results is paramount. This course will begin being taught in alternate years, Fall of odd years only, beginning 2019/20.

Textbook/Class Resources:

  • Chemistry: Atoms First from OpenStax. ISBN: 9781938168154 (print version) | ISBN: 978-0998625744 (iBook) | ISBN: 978-1947172180 (digital)

This textbook is free online from the Openstax website for students. Follow directions on the website if purchase of hard copy is desired.

Level of Difficulty:
  Very Difficult

Estimated Homework Per Class:
30 minutes
30-60 minutes
60-90 minutes

Completion of:
Chemistry Honors with a grade of "B" or better OR Chemistry with an “A” AND
Algebra II with a "B" or better