2017 Travel Opportunities

Washington D.C

Presidential Inauguration

Washington D.C.
January 18-22, 2017

Mr. Aaron Gonzalez
Available to All Class Levels

The Social Studies Department invites our students to truly live history! This tour begins with visits to Washington D.C. museums and a night tour of the city. Students will also make a trip to Mount Vernon and witness the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery. Next is Inauguration Day! It includes the Oath of Office, the Presidential Inaugural Address and parade. The day will culminate with a celebratory Inaugural Ball. The following day students will visit historic memorials, the White House and will participate in a walking tour of Capital Hill. These are just some of the highlights with more exciting and historic opportunities to be included.

The deadline to enroll on this trip is October 1, 2016.

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Madrid 2017

Experience Spain and Southern France

Madrid, Barcelona, Avignon, Le Puy en Velay, Lyon
April 13-22, 2017

Mrs. Jeanette Handelsman & Ms. Kathleen Guerin
Available to All Class Levels

This tour will bring students face-to-face with the culture and history of these two countries. Some of the things we will see and do include: Visit the Royal Palace of Spain in Madrid, Barcelona, see Parque Guell, take a tour of Avignon, Lyon and visit the birthplace of our very own Sisters of St. Joseph in Le Puy en Velay in 1650 – along with much more! This is a custom tour developed just for our CSJ schools. We are inviting students from the other three CSJ high schools in California to join us on this trip. At this time we have enrolled almost half of the total spaces available to us. Please do no hesitate in enrolling!

The deadline to enroll on this trip is October 1, 2016 since the price of the trip will increase on that date.

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Milan, Italy

Global Student Leaders Summit: The Future of Food

Sorrento, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Turin
June 30-July 10, 2017

Mrs. Jeanette Handelsman & Ms. Kathleen Guerin
Available to All Class Levels

We just received an exciting update on the Student Leaders Summit: the keynote speaker for the Summit is Mr. Anthony Bourdain, the renowned American chef and host of Emmy award-winning Food TV shows No Reservations and Parts Unknown. In both of these shows, Mr. Bourdain travels the world exploring varied cuisines and cultures. Joining Mr. Bourdain as a speaker at the Summit is Raj Patel, the acclaimed author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System. He is referred to as the “rock star of social justice writing.”

Preceded by our tour of food centers in Italy, we will participate in the Student Leaders Summit in Milan with 1500 other high school students who will meet us as they complete their own tours in various other parts of the European continent. Participating in this Summit is an incredible opportunity to not only explore bella Italia but to consider how what we eat shapes, and is shaped by, our culture, environment and economy. At the Summit participants will discuss emerging technology and new production techniques as they think up creative ideas to feed our growing world.

We will be joined by students from Saint Augustine High School and their faculty chaperones on this journey. This is a great opportunity for students from both schools to interact in a very different recreational and educational setting.

OLP has reserved a limited number of spaces for this trip. We already have 15 people enrolled on this tour. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE SUMMIT, THE REMAINING RESERVED OLP SPACES WILL BE RELEASED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. If you are interested in enrolling on this tour, which is open to students and parents or other family members, please do so immediately. Enrollment after September 16 is not guaranteed. (See link below to enroll or come to the Campus Life Office for a brochure and enrollment packet.)

We are setting a final enrollment deadline of October 1, 2016 since there will be a slight increase in the price of this tour on that date.

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FOR ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS REGARDING OLP’s TRAVEL PROGRAM, please contact Mrs. Jeanette Handelsman, Assistant Principal at jhandelsman@aolp.org. For information about a specific tour, please contact Ms. Kathleen Guerin at kguerin@aolp.org or Mr. Aaron Gonzalez at agonzalez@aolp.org.