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Olivia Lewis ’18 Takes on Reproductive Health and Oncofertility

This summer, Olivia Lewis ‘18 was one of 13 young women to participate in UCSD’s Reproductive and Oncofertility Science Academy (ROSA). This prestigious, all-girls’ program met three times a week and consisted of hands-on classroom sessions, field trips and a research project. The program is taught by various doctors and professionals in the medical field… Read more »

Gillian Folk ’19 Publishes Scientific Paper

Gillian Folk ‘19 is entering her junior year with a major accomplishment: getting published in a scientific journal. Earlier this year, Gillian’s paper, “Oral Histoplasmosis,” was published in the Head and Neck Pathology Journal. Congratulations, Gillian! Gillian has been interning at NMCSD with Dr. Brenda Nelson, a Navy Captain and current Director of the Head… Read more »

OLP’s New 135th Anniversary Mural

Introducing OLP’s 135th Anniversary Mural By Michael Stringer, Art Department The recent completion of OLP’s 135th Anniversary Mural in the Chapel Courtyard is a culmination of about a year’s worth of work. The composition and design of the 6×20 ft. mural depicts important events in the history and journey of the Sisters of St. Joseph… Read more »