Service Hours Submission Form

Follow these steps for submitting your service learning hours.

Print and Fill Out Verification Form

You and your service learning supervisor must fill out this form verifying your hours. This form must be attached to your online submission form. Ways to digitize this once completed: take a picture of it, use a scanner, or use a scanning mobile app (we recommend Genius Scan). Make sure to choose the smallest size possible, without going under 2 MB. The form must be legible.

Submit Your 2016-17 Hours Online 

Click here to submit your 2016-17 hours online. (Note: Make sure you have your verification form!)


Need a refresher on how to upload your hours? Download instructions.

This will walk you through setting up a new account and answer questions on how to document hours correctly (i.e. how to fill out direct and indirect hours, etc.).

Note: If your verification form file is too large, it might not upload. If this is the case, you’ll need to resize it (without going under 2 MB).

Submit Your 2015-16 Hours Online 

Still need to submit your hours from last year? Click here!


Have additional questions? Please contact Katie Wilson at