Week of April 3-7

This Week’s Schedule: Monday, April 3: (DFE)—Extended CC: Spring Arts Festival Tuesday, April 4: (ABC) –- 7:00 am Morning Mass; Spring Blood Drive at OLP on Circle Drive Wednesday, April 5: (DEF) — 12:45 pm Dismissal Thursday, April 6: (ACB) … Continued

Week of March 27-31

This Week’s Schedule: Monday, March 27: (ACB) — Sacrament of Reconciliation; Little Women Parochial School Show 9:00 am-10:00 am Tuesday, March 28: (DFE) –-  Extended CC: Leadership Forum; Formal Uniform; Sacrament of Reconciliation Wednesday, March 29: (ABC) Thursday, March 30: (DEF) … Continued

Week of March 20-24

This Week’s Schedule: SPIRIT WEEK! Monday, March 20: No School Tuesday, March 21: (ACB) – Extended CC:  St. Joseph’s Day and Founder’s Day Mass Wednesday, March 22: (DFE) — Earth Day (Wear Green, Think Green); Sophomore Joint Section Thursday, March 23: (ABC) … Continued

Week of March 13-17

This Week’s Schedule: 
Parent-Student-Teacher Contact Week Monday, March 13: (DEF) – CC: Pilot Talk: Dr. MaryAnn Bonino: Journeys of the Heart; Sophomore Retreat Tuesday, March 14: (ACB) – Sophomore Joint Section: Counseling Department; CC: Pilot Talk: Rev. Mother Lillie and the Trinitarians of Mary; Winter … Continued

Week of March 6-10

This Week’s Schedule: National Catholic Sisters Week Monday, March 6: (ABC) — Sophomore Retreat at Father Joe’s Villages Tuesday, March 7: (DEF) –- Morning Mass 7:00 am; Pilot Talk: Wealth Management 11:20 am; Spring Sports Parent Meeting 6:30 pm Wednesday, … Continued

Week of February 20-24

This Week’s Schedule: Nicaragua Service Immersion Trip Monday, February 20: — President’s Day Holiday (No School) Tuesday, February 21: (ABC) –- 12:45 pm Dismissal; Morning Mass 7:00 in Chapel; Spring Sing All-School Dress Rehearsal 1:30 pm, Event Center Wednesday, February 22: (DEF) … Continued

Week of February 13-17

This Week’s Schedule:  
Monday, February 13: (DFE) – Senior Spring Sing Rehearsal in Event Center from 2:30-4:30 pm Tuesday, February 14: (ABC) – Junior and Senior Joint Section Wednesday, February 15: (DEF) – CC: Winter Sports Assembly; Freshmen Spring Sing Rehearsal … Continued