2016-2017 Textbooks

  • Please view and download the textbooks list for all courses: PDF (printer-friendly)
    *Note: The ISBN number for Spanish III Honors and Spanish for Heritage Learners Honors was clarified on July 15, 2016.
    *Note: iBooks are limited to only Apple devices

Please Note: Students are able to purchase their books through any textbook provider desired. This can include our school provider, EdTech, or an alternative service such as Amazon. We encourage families to be savvy shoppers and review prices from different providers prior to purchasing. Additionally, please verify that the ISBN numbers match exactly to ensure that students are purchasing the correct editions.

The benefit of purchasing books through EdTech is that students will have access to their “book library” in one location on their device. Additionally, all print books purchased through EdTech have a 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. Ebooks, however, can not be returned if they have been activated. Before accessing your Ebook there will be an “activation button” on your shelf. It is advisable to wait to activate the purchase until necessary. Some books have a different ISBN when they are offered through EdTech and this will be noted in parenthesis following the number on the document.

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