The Guidance & Counseling Department serves OLP students by providing college, academic and personal support on an individual and group basis. All four counselors are available throughout the school day, offering assistance to students, their families and their teachers. It is our mission to serve each one of our student’s academic, personal and college needs.

Your daughter will participate in a variety of age-appropriate workshops during her four years at OLP. These workshops are designed to prepare her for the college planning and application processes.



Mrs. Jill Hicke
Last names beginning with A-J (9th/10th)

Ms. Monique Muther
Last names beginning with K-Z (9th/10th)

Mrs. Nicholle Wyatt
Last names beginning with A-J (11th)
Last names beginning with A-L (12th)

Mrs. Teri Heard
Head Counselor
Last names beginning with K-Z (11th)
Last names beginning with M-Z (12th)

Special Student Services


  • Four-year Academic Plan
  • Study Skills Seminars
  • Tutoring
  • Academic Review Meetings
  • Learning Resource Program (Coming Soon)

College & Career Counseling

  • Naviance/Family Connection (Web Based Counseling Tool)
  • Testing:
    • SAT Preparation (through the Princeton Review)
    • Proctored Exams: PSAT, PLAN, AP
  • College Planning Workshops: Grade Level College Workshops, Interest Exploration (9th), Summer Enrichment Panel (9-11th), Personality & Career Assessment (10th), CSU Mentor (10-11th), Selective College (11-12th), Recruited Athlete (10-12th), Advice Panels (9-11th), College Visit (10-12th), and College Values (11th)
  • College Application Preparation Workshops (12th): Essay Writing, CSU, UC, Common Application, Community College, Resume Writing, Letter of Recommendation
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Workshops (Senior Parent Financial Aid Night, 9-11th Financial Aid Night, Scholarship Workshop)
  • Special Programs: College Fair, College Night, Career Symposium, Junior Ambassadors

Personal Counseling

  • Counseling referral services for individuals and/or families
  • Stress-Management Seminar (11th grade)
  • Support Groups
  • Peer Training Program
  • Kindness Project

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